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Why Chose the Guardian Full-Face Mask?


Compared to other full-face masks, our non-corrosive nylon buckles won’t tear through the silicone skirt and the plugs are easily replaceable if broken or lost.


The 2nd stage regulator can be removed with a quick-release button located inside the mask and comes attached with a low pressure 32″ hose. This allows for easy maintenance and storage in our mask bag which is included in your purchase.


Not to mention, the double face seal is made of liquid silicone, a soft material that forms to virtually every face type to ensure a comfortable fit that will keep your face dry and comfortable throughout your dive.


The Guardian is also available in 7 different colors:










We also included items like the Ambient Breathing Valve®, the Hose, and Mask bag that are additional purchases with other Full-Face Masks. This way you are ready to dive without paying extra.