Hardwire – Further Explained

Getting down to the wires of Hardwire Communications


There are two modes of Hardwire communications: Two wire and four wire.

Two Wire Mode: In Two Wire Mode the divers are live all the time. This means the top-side tender can hear everything all the time. This is a half duplex system where the topside listens all the time except when using the push-to-talk (PTT) button. When the top-side tender is using the PTT, the diver is then cut off and can only listen to the tender. In this system the microphone and the earphone(s) are wired together which means that the earphones will act as a mic and the mic as a speaker. This system is primarily used by commercial divers.



Four Wire Mode: Four Wire Mode is a full duplex communication system meaning the divers and top-side tender are live together. The communications will function much like a conference telephone call and no PTT is required. Divers are never cut off during communication in this mode. Furthermore, all four wires must be in good order for the system to work. The top-side tender must also have a headset to communicate.

*The wires of the ComRope are setup for four wire communications

Which Mode Should I Choose?

Because Four Wire Mode allows the diver to be monitored throughout the entire dive without cutting him off when top-side speaks, this is the system we recommend. If the diver starts to stress, the tender can hear the breathing rate, grunts, groans – everything. If the diver starts to panic, the tender can easily talk the diver through what needs to be done. With two-wire mode cutting the diver off during every PTT exchange there is limit to communication.


All about ComRope

Our ComRop is 100% Nylon, 7/16″ static kernmantle rop with four custom-designed wires down the center to ensure crisp, clear, communications with virtually no crosstalk or interference. We offer ComRope either by the foot or complete with the connectors that suit a specific need. Comrope is available in blue or yellow.

Ordering ComRope: The formula for ordering ComRope with connectors, labor, and parts is easy. Determine length of ComRope desired and multiply that by $3.25 a foot. Then add the cost of desired connectors which can be found on your retail or dealer price sheet.

Also available is the ComRope bag.