Meet Team: Sales

Mike Pelissier

President & CEO

Mike Pelissier is President , CEO and 50% owner of Ocean Technology Systems. He is acting as Sales Manager as well. He is a former US Navy Diver and has years of diving under his belt (started diving in 1964). Mike enjoys fishing, diving, hunting, photography and editing. Mike likes spending time and traveling with his wife Cindy and daughter Renee. Mike is often found shooting on weekends. He is a Master Class USPSA/IPSC shooter. He enjoys traveling both Domestic and Internationally to IPSC shooting matches. He shoots both Multi-gun and pistol matches and sometimes competes in Sniper type matches. If you’re looking for Mike, look in the outdoors.
(800) 550-1984 *102

Ryan Lummus

Head of U.S. Military and Government Sales

Ryan is responsible for US domestic sales to all Military accounts. Ryan is an avid diver. While he enjoys diving the kelp forests off Southern California, his most memorable dive location is Nassau, Bahamas – diving with the crew at Stuart’s Cove. When Ryan’s not diving he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and two lovely daughters who are destined to become divers as well!
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Renee Pelissier Nelson

Sport Sales Worldwide

Renee Pelissier is the recreational rep and is helping to create OTS awareness among sport divers. Her former experience includes artist development and marketing for Sony Music Entertainment as well as freelance writing for various magazines. Renee is married to Andy Nelson and enjoys spending time with her husband. Her interests include photography, music, shooting and traveling.
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Peggy Keil

International Commercial,Search & Rescue, and Military Sales

Peggy is the international sales rep and has been serving this market for many years. She is also responsible for organizing the OTS group for our yearly DEMA show. In her free time Peggy enjoys shopping, relaxing by the pool, and reading.
(714) 754-7848 *114


Andy Nelson

Head of U.S. Public Safety and Commercial Sales

Andy Nelson is responsible for all Search & Recovery and Commercial accounts. He assists in growing sales territories, teaching technician classes, helping with online technical support, and educational video production. Andy served with the 101st Airborne as an Infantryman for 4 years and served in Iraq for 13 months. He also served as a Combat Engineer in the Army Reserve for 2 years. Andy is married to Renee Pelissier Nelson and enjoys spending time bow fishing, shooting competitively, working out and spending time with his family.
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John Hott

Training Director

John Hott is Director of Training for Ocean Technology Systems. After serving with the US Army in Military Intelligence, John spent 14 years in Law Enforcement—rising to the rank of Sergeant. With OTS, he is a member of the design team that developed the Guardian Full Face Mask and teaches the technician course for the GFFM. As Training Director, he has also certified over 2900 Interspiro Service Technicians, 1400 Guardian Service Technicians and conducts familiarization training on full-face masks and underwater communications. John has been an avid diver since 1975, is a certified Dive Master, and carries certifications from YMCA, NAUI, TDI, and PADI. John has been with OTS for over 17 years.
Hott Line (800) 550-1984 *112


Amie Litzinger

Sales & Training Assistant

Amie Litzinger is a general sales assistant and is the primary assistant for John Hott. She organizes and recruits for AGA and Guardian classes and also prepares travel arrangements for the OTS Sales team. In her free time Amie enjoys watching movies, going to concerts, reading, and spending time with her family.
(800) 550-1984 *116


Melady Sun

Commercial, Search & Rescue, and Military Domestic Sales Assistant

Melady is the domestic assistant for commercial, search & rescue, and military sales. She assists the busy desk of Ryan Lummus and helps customers while Ryan is out of the office. Her duties include quoting customers, taking and inputting orders, and organizing our Scratch and Dent products. Melady recently earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Finance from Cal State Fullerton. Out of the office, Melady loves to hike, travel, volunteer, go to music shows and sporting events and most of all spend time with her dog.
(800) 550-1984 *111


Amber Valencia

Sport Sales Assistant

Amber Valencia is the Sport and Recreational Sales Assistant. She is responsible for inputting orders, assisting customers, organizing consignments, constructing the OTS newsletter, and assists in keeping the OTS dealer network organized. Amber earned her degree in Criminal Justice from Cal State San Bernardino and looks forward to attending law school in the future. Out of the office she enjoys reading and spending time with her husband and two boys.
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Office Dog, Stress Reliever, Office Security

Beretta has been lending a helpful paw to OTS for over 3 years. She provides motivation and happiness to the entire OTS staff with her uplifting spirit. She also provides roaming security of the premises at her leisure.