OTS Guardian Talent Mask

OTS Guardian TALENT Mask




cean Technology Systems is no stranger to the Hollywood scene. We have an Emmy Award to show for our abilities to add communications directly to your camera.

We were tasked to come up with a lighting system for the OTS Guardian FFM on the set of the movie Piranha-3D. Our Engineering Department did a fantastic job designing a custom lighting system which was proudly featured on the big screen in 3D! We have since revisited this lighting system, making several improvements.

Our latest generation of the lighting system provides 4 levels of brightness, allowing you to really light up your Talent’s face. You can easily adjust the lighting levels underwater by using a PTT switch on the battery compartment. It has been tested and proven to work well for Still Photography as well as Video. It was last used on a 3D filming of the USS Arizona!

Please contact an OTS Sales Representative for more information on renting the OTS Talent Mask.