OTS offers a complete line of through-water communications as well as Full-Face Masks that are perfect for sport and recreational diving.


Fun and easy-to-learn, Buddy Phone and Aquacom products also ensure dive partners can easily relay important messages like tank pressure, time to surface, or problems that may occur in the water. Furthermore, these units are perfect for the underwater tour guide, instructor, photographer, or videographer! Our Buddy Phone® and Aquacom® products are designed with sport divers in mind. The same technology used in military and commercial markets are now affordable for sport and recreational divers. This State-of-the-Art Ultrasonic Transceiver is compact and inexpensive—letting you share the excitement of diving while the action is happening.

Our Guardian Full-Face Mask is Sport diver approved and perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy diving in style and comfort. With a soft, form-fitting double seal and easily adjustable features, the Guardian ensures the diver has everything needed to dive without paying extra. We’ll even let you pick your color!

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Full-Face Masks

OTS Guardian FFM

Interspiro Divator MKII

Kirby Morgan M-48

Mantis Mask

Mask/Communications Combo Packages

GRD-BUDS Guardian Mask w/ Buddy Phone

MKII-BUDS Interspiro Divator MKII w/ Buddy Phone

MTS-BUDS Mantis Mask w/ Buddy Phone

XT-100-D2 Half Mask w/ Buddy Phone

Through-water Communication

Buddy Phone Transceiver – 1/2 watt

Buddy Phone RX-100 Receive Only

Aquacom SSB-2010 Transceiver – 5 watts

Aquacom SSB-2001B-2 Transceiver – 5 watts (2 Channel, No Voice Menu)

SP-100D2 Buddy Phone Surface Station – 1/2 watt

CDK-6 Surface Conversion Kit

STX-101 Aquacom Surface Station – 5 watts

Earphone/Microphone Assemblies (Required for SSB Diver Units)


Full-Face Mask Protective Bag

Guardian Mask Accessory Rail System

2 Gas Manifold Switch Block

360° Hose Swivel

Rechargeable Batteries


VSB-2 Audio/Video Adaptor Patch Cable

RX-100-D-RO Buddy Phone Receive Only w/ Audio Out Patch Cable