At Ocean Technology Systems, we think the best way of proving that we have the most robust, reliable, and technologically superior underwater communications products is to show our customer using OTS equipment. OTS Communications Equipment is the de-facto standard for Public Safety Divers and Miliary Divers around the globe. Hollywood, Aquariums, and Sport Divers recognize OTS equipment as being the best value in meeting their needs as well.

We are excited to post links to some of our customers websites, news items, and photos of OTS’s Technology In Action. We welcome our customers to send us any testimonials or stories about how the Guardian FFM or our communications have changed how you dive.  Pictures showing how and where they work are also appreciated.  Please send any stories and/or pictures to rlummus@otscomm.com

Dear OTS,

Thank you for making underwater filming safer, more efficient, and fun with your Guardian mask and Buddy Phone systems. Last year I filmed a shark documentary in the cold, murky waters of New Zealand, and it was so important that our team was able to communicate, especially when faced with low visibility and aggressive sevengill sharks! The documentary “Sharks of the Shadowland” was a success and recently went to air on Discovery’s Shark Week. Thank you for making quality masks and reliable underwater comms.

Best wishes,
Adam Geiger – Director/Cinematographer – SeaLight Pictures ~ http://www.sealightpictures.com/




Northwest SCUBA Public Safety Diver team training in Edmonton Alberta Canada . Best FFM I have ever used. Thanks OTS.

-Chris Conlin

Dear Mike and Renee:

I wanted to express my thanks to you and your company for the Guardian Full Face Mask. I began diving in 1986 while stationed in Hawaii when I was in the Navy. Unfortunately with age, I stopped a few years ago because I was not able to hold a regulator in my mouth without experiencing pain. I recently learned about your mask and went to the local dive shop to talk about it with them. They had the Guardian FFM in stock. I bought one and went diving the following weekend.

The experience with the FFM was nothing short of revolutionary. It was completely natural, it was hugely more comfortable than a mask, and no pain like I had with a traditional (or as I now call them “antique”) regulator. Even more, clearing my ears was like being on land, no effort at all.

I’ve been on six dives with the Guardian in the last 30 days since I purchased it. You have brought the joy of scuba back into my life and for that I extend a heartfelt thank you! I’ve attached a picture of me at 80’ diving on the Hyde Wreck off the coast North Carolina.

Best Regards,

Guy Fowler

PS – I’ve ordered the rail kit with the SOLA 800 light and the eyeglass frames. I can’t wait to dive with them as well.

To the staff of OTS,

I was lucky enough to purchase my OTS mask at the last Orlando DEMA SHOW in 2013 directly from you. I had no experience with the full face mask but I have friends who swear by OTS Full Face masks and will never go back to the traditional mask.

I decided to take a course to make the most of my mask (yes, almost 2 years later) and wanted to share my adventure as I dove for the first time at the Blue Heron Bridge in West Palm Beach yesterday. It was an amazing experience and love the mask!

Thank you from Hope Wilkos


Just wanted to say thank you so much for this outstanding mask. I purchased an Ocean Reef full face and it froze up on me during a technical dive. The OTS Guardian has kept me safe for going on 3 years without a single problem. You guys are the best hands down. Thanks again.

Mark Peacock

Dear OTS,

Just wanted to thank you for producing such fine quality products. Our Dive Team was conducting Ice Diving training this past February. During the training we lost a SSB-2010 somewhere under the ice. Well this past week we found the unit with the aid of a metal detector. Happy to report other than the algae growing on the unit, a few fresh batteries and the unit was working fine. Hats off again to an exceptional product. Six months underwater and still works, pretty amazing.

Best regards,

Michael Croll

2010 underwater_1
2010 underwater_2



I have been professionally employed in diving since 1968 and worked as a commercial diver in the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico. Today I work as a diving consultant, which includes producing underwater videos and training manuals for diving equipment and certification agencies, consulting to diving equipment manufacturers, and working as an expert witness in scuba diving accident cases. I’ve used almost every model of full-face mask, diving helmet, and underwater communication system that has been manufactured since the 60s on working dives around the world.

Your wireless communications system is simply one of the best pieces of gear around and your Guardian full-face mask leaves the others in the dust. The Guardian is comfortable and well-thought out. There is no substitute for having a communication system that was designed to have the mask and electronics work together. We use your gear whenever we are working on a video project because communications are vital to our success and safety. Thank you for making some great equipment!

Best regards,

Steven Barsky - Marine Marketing and Consulting

I just wanted to let you all know that your equipment was involved with the successful rescue of a truck driver who was submerged in the sleeper of his semi, in approx. 20 feet of water for 35 minutes.

My name is Brian Beauvais and I am the Dive team Coordinator for the Golden Gate Fire Department in Naples, Fl. On Aug. 30th at 1130 hours our divers responded to a vehicle in the water call at the 95mm of I-75. This area is known as Alligator Alley, and it connects Naples, on the west coast to Ft. Lauderdale, on the east coast. There are canals on both sides of the highway. A semi lost control and crossed the highway going through a barrier fence and crashing into the canal on the north side of the highway.

Our divers entered the water and began searching for access into the vehicle. It was nose down into the water with the passenger side towards the surface. The canal in this particular area reaches around 40 feet and our divers said they didn’t touch the bottom. Visibility was less than one foot. One diver found the passenger door and managed to open it, he then directed the other diver to him, and while he held the door open, the other diver made a search of the cab and sleeper area. The second diver located the driver in the top of the sleeper area, he then advised he had located the driver, and was bringing him out. Both divers and the driver surfaced, and the divers directed on shore personnel to pull them in. The truck driver was then transferred to awaiting EMS crews. At this point, according to on scene personnel, the driver was unconscious and blue. As our divers were preparing to go back in to complete a secondary search, our Chief received word from the medics that the driver was conscious and had told them that he was the only occupant. The driver was flown to a local trauma center and was released the following day.

I spoke with the divers that evening, and all of them said that without the Guardian mask and Buddycom system, they don’t believe the call would have had the same outcome. Their ability to communicate with each other, and the line tender, not only made them more effective, but helped keep them calm and focused.

We purchased the Guardians a couple of years ago mainly because of the protection it offered. As in this case, one of the saddle tanks was floating in the canal pouring diesel fuel into the water. The Buddycom systems, we actually just purchased and placed into service in June. This was the FIRST dive call we have had since they were put on the trucks. Needless to say, our divers and our Chiefs are very happy with the performance of the equipment.

On behalf of myself and our Dive Team, I would like to say Thank You for making such great products.


Brian Beauvais – Golden Gate Fire Rescue – Naples, FL

Hi to all at OTS from a very happy customer across the pond.

A week ago I purchased an OTS Guardian Full Face Mask from SMP , Lancashire, UK. Having read many reports on the internet and seen just about every clip available on Utube, including the Scubagirls in Catalina. I’d always fancied the idea of diving with a full face mask since my first dives in 1972. The AGA being the ultimate dream. Yesterday I tried out my new Guardian for the first time and although it felt quite strange for the first two minutes I soon had my breathing under control and the fit nice and comfortable. No leaks, great vision, no fogging and a sense of WOW THIS IS FANTASTIC!!!! There is an old saying “One instinctively knows when something is right” and that is certainly the case with the Guardian. Love the ABV – brilliant idea. I actually found equalising with the Guardian easier than with a normal face mask. Have to say the breathing is a little harder than my Apex TX50 which I can adjust to perfection, but that has to be the only negative comment I could make. My 13 year old great nephew takes his PADI open water this weekend so looking to the future I’m hoping we can both be diving OTS Guardians with comms – may have to get a slightly bigger piggy-bank !!

To sum up. Great piece of kit, fantastic design and thank you OTS for making something available to the sports diver which not only works brilliantly but looks fantastic as well. You really should push it more over here in the UK with all the colour options. It seems FFM’s are being considered the province of “Techical divers” and can only be made in black. Best improvement to sports diving since the BCD.

Your sincerely

Roger Still (PADI Master Scuba Diver)

Letter to the President

Mr. Pelissier,

First of all, I want to thank you for the tremendous product you and your team have developed in the Guardian FFM. I received one for Christmas thanks to my wonderful wife!

A bit of history… I can remember wanting to learn to scuba dive since I was a kid watching reruns of Flipper. I would place the couch cushions on the floor and do a backwards entry as if I was diving off of a boat. When I saw the “buddy phone” for the first time in the pages of Skin Diver magazine or being used on television when I was a teenager in the mid nineties, I tried to convince my parents to let me take lessons so I could get the equipment. However, I was only able to get certified by the Scuba Station early this year thus completing a life-long dream.

Even before getting certified, I knew that I wanted to use a FFM due to the myriad of benefits. Based on my research, I wanted a Guardian however I settled for a used AGA Mk2 off of eBay to get my feet wet. After diving with it a few times, I was hooked. Kathy Russell, the owner of the Scuba Station in Fernandina Beach FL took an interest and wanted to know more about it. I told her all about your company which ended with her visiting your booth at DEMA this year.

This led me to receiving my new Guardian FFM this past Sunday! I couldn’t wait until I could get to the pool the following day to try it out in the pool. The experience was great! The ABV is a tremendous addition no FFM should be without. The regulator breathes almost effortlessly compared to the AGA I have. The ease of disconnecting the regulator from the mask makes for great cleaning and easy storage. Simply put, it is awesome. I had a couple of people ask me about it during my demo and I certainly sang your praises.

Sorry for being long winded, but, I am just wanted to express my admiration for your product as I will be a customer for life. Also, I am deeply impressed by your company as a whole. When I was getting my MBA, I was taught in countless classes the ins and outs of running a business. However, what they couldn’t teach is having the intestinal fortitude to step out of your comfort zone and put everything on the line to start a business. I hope to follow in those footsteps one day…

Best regards,

Curry Rogers – Jacksonville, FL

Our experience is purely recreational. We were looking for a full face mask for my wife who had issues with her jaw and holding a mouthpiece in for periods of time. She had used an FFM (an AGA) during a shark dive and had liked the ability to breathe through her nose as well, but the mask was way too big on her.

She had initially bought the Ocean Reef Space and used it for about a year, but we found that the nose block (which are plugs that rest on plastic pins), would come loose and turn around while diving and she would have equalization issues. Also, they did not reach her nose all the way. Another issue she would have is that she had to use a hood with a soft skin seal (smooth rubber) solely to fill the gap around her temples since her face was so small because air would just free flow out the sides the entire dive. There was also a constant need to adjust the regulator adjustment knob the deeper you went.

I had read about the release of the Guardian with the double skirt, 2nd stage removal which eliminated the need for a quick disconnect (just another failure point), and a really large field of view. She had tried it on at our local dive shop one day when we were walking around and ended up buying the mask that day because of how comfortable it felt.

Since she now had the Guardian, I started using her Ocean Reef (free mask!). I ended up trying her new Guardian however and immediately loved it. I felt more relaxed breathing through my nose and not having to constantly clear my mask of water. It’s also great since I don’t like to shave. We dive often in Dutch Springs (a local quarry by us) and the benefit of having a warm face in 39 degree water is always welcome. I bought the same mask 3 months after her and other than my DMC classes, have never switched back. She has only used her standard mask reg setup once for the PADI Rescue class. We get lots of questions about how they work, how you equalize etc. and I wish people knew what they were missing out on. With the addition of 2-3 simple bail out skills you can enjoy a much more comfortable dive.

James Nicoll – Recreational Diver

We purchased 9 GFFMs in 2010 to replace Ocean Reef masks we were very unhappy with: Bad comm, leaks, exposed circuits. The Ocean Reef masks left us wondering: Are all Full Face Masks (FFMs) and Communications this bad? The short answer is: nope.

After researching FFMs, we found OTS after a referral from John Chatterton himself. And we are very glad we did!

The Guardian masks have allowed all of our divers to effectively and effortlessly communicate in icy dark water with little to no viz. When searching for bodies, cars, evidence, or whatever, the ability to communicate with your dive buddy, as well as surface support, is invaluable. It’s safe to say that the GFFM has greatly enhanced our capabilities and safety. I highly recommend the GFFM, and OTS for its continued outstanding customer support.

Jason Litchie – Town of Truckee, CA


OTS Guardian Full Face Mask with the Bud 2 Comms changed my advanced courses that I run in the Red Sea to a much more interesting and challenging course for my all ages students, Tec divers, and instructor candidates.

By using the OTS masks in most of my rec dives my customers are so existed in every dive we do – more than ever.  It is so great !!!

I have no doubt that the OTS Products, especially the Guardian, and their customer service are the best in today’s Full Face and Comm market.

Eyal Sayag – Eilat, Israel


Cairo Sewage divers to dive with proper equipment…

I supplied three full sets of contaminated water dry suits with the full gear to the Sewage Diver Team in Cairo, Egypt. For the first time these divers are using wireless communications between the diver and surface.

The divers used to dive for years in sewage waters to inspect and clear big pipes and also cut metal bars that were left behind the concrete contractors. They also open big holes in concrete walls and go into the tunnels under Cairo.

They are simple workers who were diving with shorts and t-shirts in this water while breathing with a hose from the surface.

Now I’ve introduced all what u see and they are diving safe. The divers are lowered by a tripod winch and OTS communications are used to help with this.  The head of the board of the company was amazingly shocked to see the difference in how this helps aid the operations.


Cairo, Egypt

The Guardian FFM has to be the single most important part of my diving kit.
Having experienced a number of FFM designs I have come to love the overall operation of the mask.
From its weight and fit to the positive feel of the spider strap the mask works well and feels right.
I especially like the attention to detail, nose block pads for different noses and an ABV for breathing on the surface.

The ABV gets me envious stares as we sit on the boat, waiting for the diver cox to move back over the wreck as he missed his mark for a second time. Buddy checks done; waiting to deploy, other divers are using up their back gas. You can see them working out new dive times as we wait. I on the other hand simply turn the ABV open and wait patiently.

Value for money and attention to detail all packaged up in a mask designed by divers for divers.
OTS, Congratulations on a job well done.

Joe Flores Watson – Coventry, United Kingdom

Just back from Dahab, Egypt, where we were running INON UK underwater photography instructor training. OTS 2010 on VOX and listen only RX100 units let me teach all underwater skills hands free and without surfacing. Which was very useful as the house reef was underneath a sailboard training area. Even complex information, like changing shutter speeds, was easily understood. Really fail to understand why more instructors haven’t embraced underwater voice communication……Anyway, thanks OTS for making my job very much easier.

Steve Warren – Basildon, Essex

I just bought two full face masks with buddy phones and myself and my dive buddy’s absolutely loved it!!!never fogging, bigger field of vision , easy to breathe, bought it from a rep in Ohio, we just went to bonaire and did some great diving used a gopro 3 camera , it’s under gopro3 bonaire, the lake dive site on you tube. Thanks again.

James Barrows



Been doing some pool promotion days with the mask and it seems to be paying off.

I have sold quite a few so now need to reorder…

I bought one retail mask of a competitor and tested it, OTS is way better.

This is what we found.

1. The vision is way better
2. The nose pads are more comfortable
3. The way the reg is separated from mask for washing is a better system
4. The bubbles are uncomfortable with one of your competitors

David Cohen – Divetek South Africa