The Guardian Full-Face Mask

Finally, a full-face mask designed with divers in mind. By building a mask we wanted to dive, we made it a priority to incorporate comfort, fit, and functionality into the Guardian full-face mask design. The mask fuses practical and durable elements combined with a fresh, sporty look that invites divers of all skill levels and purpose to use this mask. From sport diving to underwater research, and commercial divers to search & rescue, the versatility of the Guardian full-face mask has something to offer for all divers.

Our focus is to perfect the details other competitors may have missed. We added nylon buckles and plugs for durability to withstand heavy use, a one-click removable 2nd stage regulator for easy maintenance & storage, a soft double face seal to fit more faces than any other mask, an adjustable nose block for easy equalization, and a low-profile visor with a great field of vision. The Guardian is made to set the performance bar high while keeping the costs low.

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Double Seal – Better Fit / More Comfort

A “Double Seal” Ensures a good fit on nearly every face!


The Double Seal was specifically designed to allow people with a small faces or a slim face, especially in the temple area, to seal better. The double seal is visible in the picture left along the top of the mask. It also follows along the sides down toward the chin area (under the top seal). Notice the oral nasal cavity and equalizing system in the lower part of the picture.





Pictured on right, one finger is on the outer seal with the other finger on the inner seal.

Versatile Equalizing System

Equalizing is a breeze with the GFFM’s Equalization System!

Everyone has a little different face. As divers you all know how important being able to equalize is. Equalizing is a challenge for all full face masks One size does not fit all!. In order to ensure everyone can equalize, we have put together an Equalizing Kit which comes with every Guardian full face mask. The kit consists of two bases. One is a standard size without any holes. It can be adjusted up or down to fit as necessary. The other base has two holes which allow for different size pads that can be added. In the event the standard base does not work for you, one of the pads and the other base should fit the bill.


You will notice the block has two adjustments. You can use either the low or high position. The wires are in the low position in this picture. Additionally, you may notice a pad sitting on top of the block. It looks like a “V”. You can see the legs of the pad protruding on the lower part of the block. We supply a few pads in different thicknesses. This is to ensure that you can easily equalize no matter what size nose you have!


We won’t nickel & dime you!

The Guardian FFM includes an Ambient Breathing Valve (ABV), Mask Bag and a Low Pressure Hose.

ABV – Ambient Breathing Valve

Protective Mask Bag

Low Pressure Hose


The Guardian FFM Comes in 7 Color Configurations.  Pick your favorite…