The STEALTH Full Face Mask

Incredible Performance When You Need It Most

The Stealth Full Face Mask (FFM) with SRG-1 Regulator features a high performance second stage regulator to be used with our Stealth or Guardian FFMs.

The SRG-1 Regulator delivers more air at deeper depths ensuring better breathability and function! Our new venturi assist feature increases gas flow to allow the diver more control over their dive experience. This ensures minimal additional effort in the inhalation process. 

The SRG-1 Regulator is available either as a standalone regulator ready to retrofit into an existing Guardian Full-Face Mask or as a system featured in our new Stealth Full-Face Mask.

For avid divers who want the best-of-the best performance, or for the hard working divers under heavy work load like the search & rescue diver – the SRG-1 Regulator or Stealth Full Face Mask system is for you!

Extraordinary New Features

Stealth FFM


The new Stealth Full-Face Mask (FFM) features a subdued logo with all of the original innovative features the Guardian has to offer and includes the SRG-1 High Performance Regulator. This mask is sure to become the standard for public safety, commercial, and any diver who wants the best of the best.

SRG-1 Regulator

The SRG-1 Regulator was designed with high performance in mind. Built for ruggedness, durability, and low Work of Breathing (WOB) to rival the best performing regulators on the market. The SRG-1 comes standard with the Stealth Mask System and can retro-fit to the original Guardian Full-Face Mask.

Venturi Assist


The SRG-1 Regulator is venturi-assisted and uses the venturi effect to balance and lower the work of breathing. The venturi effect occurs when a flow across a diaphragm creates a vacuum, further opening the flow-regulating valve attached to the diaphragm, resulting in stronger air flow.

Low Work of Breathing


The low Work Of Breathing (WOB) in the advanced venturi-assisted jet system allows divers to receive as much air as they need, when they need it. The low WOB is achieved as follows: the faster the diver’s rate of breathing, the more the venturi effect opens the system’s valve, the stronger the air jet streams to the diver, the less exertion is required by the diver to draw the air, and the increased air demand is quickly met with inhalation effort reduced. The result is comfortable, balanced, and effortless breathing throughout the dive.

Dive / Pre-Dive Switch


Due to the low Work of Breathing (WOB) and the high performance of the SRG-1 Regulator, a Dive / Pre-Dive switch is required. Before a dive, the diver can push this switch into the “dive” position to receive the best performance possible. If left in the “dive” position at the surface and a free-flow occurs, simply push the lever into the “pre-dive” position to stop the free-flow. The SRG-1 Regulator can be dived with the lever in either position.

MiFlex® LP Hose


A MiFlex® Low Pressure Hose comes standard with the Stealth FFM / SRG-1 Regulator. The hose is designed with an external nylon safety braiding to resist snags and abrasions. It also resists UV rays when out of the water. All stainless steel fittings have been treated with a black PVD coating. The hose is a 32″ female 9/16″ UNF with a male 3/8″ UNF fitting.

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