Verification of Stolen Items

Ocean Technology Systems equipment is occasionally stolen. Some of these stolen items are Life Support equipment! Our biggest concern here is Safety. You can bet that these stolen items have likely not been kept up to date on Maintenance, and have not been retrofitted with any applicable safety updates… Before buying any OTS equipment online or buying from an unauthorized dealer, please obtain the serial number and check it here.

Date Reported Stolen Description of Items Serial #(s) Location Notes
9/10/15 Mine Lab – CTX-3030 Metal Detector 40446503218 Santa Ana, CA
June, 2015 OTS Buddy Phones(Attached to Yellow Interspiro Divator MKII Mask) 2026420267 Auckland, New Zealand Stolen from a storage container along with various other Dive Equipment.
1/7/2015 2 x OTS Guardian Buddy Phones 3530735549 Huntington Beach, CA
1/6/2014 OTS Guardian Full Face Mask (Black/Black)OTS Guardian Buddy Phone 1212311633994 Allentown, PA Stolen from vehicle
3/13/2012  OTS Guardian Full Face Mask (Black/Black) 11111380 Hyattsville, MD
8/9/2011 OTS Guardian Full Face Mask (Yellow/Black) w/ Ear/Mic Assy.
OTS Guardian Full Face Mask (Blue/Black) w/ Ear/Mic Assy.
2 x SSB-2010, 4 Channel, Diver Transceiver
Miami Shores, FL
9/19/2012  OTS Guardian Regulator (Black/Black)  11111373  Rocky Hill, CT

**Please be sure to check your Guardian Mask/Regulator for a serial number.  There are a few prototype units that are unaccounted for (they do not have serial numbers on them).  They are not safe to dive.  If you have one of these units please call 800-550-1984 immediately**

Ocean Technology Systems cannot guarantee that a “non-listing” is proof of ownership by the party selling the equipment. In addition, a match is not evidence of stolen goods. Any match should be sent to or called in to 800-550-1984 for verification with the person who reported the theft. Continued participation with a sale after receiving a match is at your sole discretion. Ocean Technology Systems is not liable for any misinformation or data entry error.